Detroit Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Detroit Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties are necessary if you're getting married. No matter what are you are you should enjoy a night out with your best friends to celebrate. Sometimes we even do day trips to wineries or breweries. There's so much to do in Detroit for a bachelor or bachelorette party so you're sure to have a ton of places you want to check out and having safe, reliable transportation is a must so you can party the whole night! Having one of our buses is the best option you can go with for your event. It's nicer than some clubs you go to so if you want you can just ride around in the vehicle with friends. We don't have any limits on how long you can stay on or where you can go while you're paying for it.

When planning the party, you're going to want to know of how many guests you'll need to accommodate so we can provide you with an appropriately sized bus. It's always advisable to plan on extra room for any last minute or "maybe" guests. Keep in mind that the Department of Transportation regulates seating capacity which we must abide by. For example, if you book a 24 passenger bus and then 5 extra people want go last minute, we absolutely cannot let 29 passengers onto a 24 passenger maximum capacity bus. If you need to upgrade your bus for such a situation we can, so long as you give enough notice and the larger bus is available. Ask us for more details about this when you call!

It's also important, for your sake, to know how payment will be taken care of. Will all the guests pay cash to the driver the day of the event, or will you pay the cost up front and collect the money from the guests later? Keep in mind that our contract holder is responsible for payment regardless of the number of guests, so it might be in your best interest to collect everyone's share up front so you aren't stuck with covering the costs for anyone who cancels or "forgets" their money!

Everyone celebrates differently - some people go for the wild and crazy night out and others spend the day relaxing with a spa trip or playing golf. Regardless of your celebration's theme you're sure to want to hit up some of the best places in Detroit and you'll want to do it in style! And you'll definitely want to make sure you can party during the entire outing, even while traveling to different venues, and that's where we come in. So be sure to rent a luxury party bus from Metro Detroit Party bus for your bachelor or bachelorette party!