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A hearty Mexican meal is always a great idea when you are traveling with a Metro Detroit Party Bus group, whether it's a gathering of family, friends, or coworkers. Dos Pesos is the kind of place that serves both a large quantity of food and a high quality of food, and everything is made fresh, making everything just that much more delicious. Guacamole is perfect for your appetizer with those delicious chips, and we love the fact that they have a full bar here as well as overall moderate pricing. It all comes together to create the perfect Mexican dining experience in this area for our limo bus customers to enjoy! At 11800 Belleville Road in Belleville.


For a fun throwback to the good old days, days so good and old that you probably weren't alive to see them the first time around, give Cracker Barrel a shot. If you haven't been there yet, you are really in for a treat. The vintage kitsch is what this place is all about, and it begins in the gift shop before you even enter the restaurant! The food is unbelievable and served in such large portions. This is true country style, home style, homemade style goodness! You'll feel like you're dining at granny's, except way more fun! Truly a superb destination for Metro Detroit Party Bus groups who really love the old fashioned! At 45525 North I-94 Service Drive in Belleville.

China King Express

Don't overlook this place just because the name screams "carryout only!" It's not at all! This is a great Chinese restaurant that is very affordably priced and even offers a full buffet dining experience! That's so ideal for Metro Detroit Party Bus groups and it makes it easy to feed those endless appetites without paying endless prices! The sweet and sour chicken and the crab rangoon are our two top choices here, but everything on that buffet spread is absolutely delectable. The staff is super friendly and they always make sure that your cup runneth over, or at least that it never goes empty! Really a good place to go. At 45915 South I-94 Service Drive in Belleville.

Bonus Destination:

JOHNNY'S GRILL ON THE LAKE is always a smart choice for Metro Detroit Party Bus's Belleville customers, day or night. In the summer, it's all about the warm and wonderful vibes on the patio, sipping ice cold beers and chilling with your friends. Happy hour is always a blast here whether you're indoors or out. They've got a DJ playing awesome music on Fridays and Saturdays and those are the nights that we would most recommend coming in. If it's game night, rest assured that you'll have a great view of the action thanks to their many televisions. Of course there is a full bar here, clinching the deal for us! At 146 High Street in Belleville.

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