Brownstown Food & Entertainment


If you live in the Downriver area, you already know about the Brownstown gem that is Piper's. It's very comfortable for all types of groups, whether you're traveling with Metro Detroit Party Bus or just heading out for an evening with the family. In fact, the breakfasts are probably just as beloved as the dinners, if not more! It's very affordable here and it's super fun because of all those little mini jukeboxes on each table. Hard to believe they still have those after so many decades, and that they still work! The chicken pot pies are delicious and the cake is a nice choice for an after-dinner treat. You'll love this one. At 25418 Telegraph Road in Brownstown.


We can never get enough of Pete's Place when we're on a break from our duties in the Metro Detroit Party Bus office, and we can tell that our Brownstown-area customers feel the same way because they are always requesting it during their trips with us! They get tons of awards here and yet it's just a low key relaxed place where you can have breakfast, coffee, yummy lunches, and so much more. They've got a four-star rating and it's no wonder. High quality, large quantity, and superb service all around. We think this is an ideal pre- or post-airport stop for some carbs and/or coffee to keep you going. Great bakery items. At 20155 Telegraph Road in Brownstown.


Tiffany's Pizza has been going strong for so many decades, we just cannot imagine this area without it. Metro Detroit Party Bus customers are always picking up a nice stack of pizza pies to enjoy on the bus. They're very inexpensive and it's great that they accept credit cards even though it's such a hole-in-the-wall type of place. The Hawaiian pizza is probably our favorite, but it's hard to narrow it down because all of the topping options are just so delicious! Definitely better than what you're probably used to nowadays, this is old fashioned goodness at its very best. A Metro Detroit Party Bus favorite! At 25066 Telegraph Road in Brownstown.

Bonus Destination:

MOOSE MACGREGOR'S is a longstanding tradition in the Brownstown area! Our Metro Detroit Party Bus customers absolutely go wild for this one and we think that you will too! It's a sports bar vibe and it's so right for hanging out with your buddies, enjoying some snacks, and watching all the action on television while hoping for your favorite team to win. They've really got more than enough room here to accommodate your Metro Detroit Party Bus groups, and if you call ahead you can get a lot of great information on that, and maybe even some money saving deals if you're lucky! Truly one of the best Downriver. At 21980 Telegraph Road in Brownstown.

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