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If you are heading out to Detroit with Metro Detroit Party Bus and you're on the prowl for a really upscale and classy place to dine, Roast is it. If you're not there with us, you'll appreciate the valet parking, but with us you'll be dropped off and picked up right at the door. It's dressy here, indeed, so look your best and glam it up! The steak lovers will go wild for the beef tartare and the filet mignon, but they've got a lot more than just that. In terms of the drinks, the wine list is noteworthy, and they've got an ice cream and Guinness combination that takes dessert to a completely new level. Absolutely one of our top recommendations. At 1128 Washington Avenue in Detroit.


Detroit Beer Company is an absolute essential after you've headed out to a Tigers game with your Metro Detroit Party Bus crew, and the fact that they hold a four-star rating definitely doesn't hurt their reputation any! When we think of this place, our minds instantly turn to the fish and chips as well as the beer cheese soup. There are TVs here so that you can watch the game with your buddies if you didn't happen to have tickets, and if you're just there to chat and enjoy yourself, you can do so with your friends or even with the super friendly bartenders! Outdoor dining as well, and open seven days a week. At 1529 Broadway in Detroit. One of the best!


Fishbones has always been a Detroit classic as far as we are concerned, with their cajun and creole delights and all of their seafood offerings. In recent years, they've even added sushi to their menu, and though that might seem like an odd placement with their theme, trust us when we say it is delicious. The alligator voodoo is one of the greatest dishes here and we have always been huge fans of their crawfish etouffee. The gumbo is also out of this world! We love the atmosphere here, with its dark bricks and cool relaxe ambiance. This is an awesome place for dates and special celebrations, or just nights out with friends. At 400 Monroe Street in Detroit.

Bonus Destination:

DELUX LOUNGE gets our bonus pick this time around. Metro Detroit Party Bus customers have always remarked how classy and cool this place is, very modern and trendy, and their five buck martini nights have got to be a big draw for most of them! We know it certainly is for us. Thurs-Fri-Sat are the hot nights to come in and this tends to be more of a younger crowd in the 20-30 age range. The DJ sticks to the top 40 format pretty exclusively so you'll get to hear whatever's hot at the moment. We love the fact that the waitresses work their way through the place to make sure you're taken care of. No hanging at the bar. At 350 Monroe Street in Detroit.

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