Detroit High School Homecoming

Homecoming is a huge deal for any high school student in the metro Detroit and South East Michigan area. All of the high schools have homecoming. They usually take place on Saturday but sometimes Sunday. The dress, the suit, the shoes, the hair, the make-up, the flowers, the limos and the party buses! Oh my! You and your friends can't get enough of all of it. Which is why Homecoming is so heavily anticipated in high schoolers. Something about the fall weather, foot ball and the floats just make fall, fall. The four years you spend in high school are the best years of your life, so why not make homecoming more memorable with the perfect evening planned out for you!

Your parents and family members can't wait to see you all dressed up with your date. One of the best things about Homecoming is all of the pictures you get to take with your friends and family. It's like your own little photo shoot! Get yourself all done up by your hairstylist or barber, get dressed to the nines in the cutest dress you could find, or in that perfect suit that matches perfectly with your dates dress! Watch as your friends and family members gawk over how gorgeous- or handsome you look for your homecoming.

A lot of high schoolers go to Homecoming and are so so so bummed when it's all said and done and they don't want to go back home, they want to continue having an amazing time with their group of friends. Have a lot of different locations you and your group want to take pictures at? Want to go to dinner before the dance? Want to spend some more time hanging out and partying with your friends? Is having to depend on your parents all night changing your plans? Fear no more! Metro Detroit Party Bus can take care of this right away! Want to be able to spend a couple hours with your friends with no parents around? Rent a party bus from Metro Detroit Party Bus! They have so many options to choose from! Whether your group is large or small, they have a vehicle for you! Their smallest vehicle is going to be the 8-10 passenger Limo Van, next up would be the 10-12 passenger limo van. They have a 14, 18, 20, 22, 24, 28-30 and 35-40 passenger available in their fleet. You can see pictures of these amazing vehicles at metrodetroitpartybus.com. Pricing may vary, so call or email them at (248) 630-5605 or info@metrodetroitpartybus.com to get yourself a quote today! Have your name, phone number, time of pick up, date of pickup, city of pick up and number of passengers ready!

Since now you have the vehicle to transport you and all of your friends for the evening, let's talk about some of the things you and your group can do after the dance is over! One cool thing that a lot of teenagers do after their homecoming is to go to a fancy restaurant for an upscale, yet cost effective, dessert! Some teenagers will even go out for ice cream. Another fun idea is to go to the movie theater and see a movie. The buses at Metro Detroit Party Bus all have flat screen T.V.s and DVD players! Ride around and watch a couple movies! If you get you and your friends a party bus from Metro Detroit Party Bus, not only will you have your ride for the evening, you will also be able to listen to any music that you desire. The bus has an audio cord that you can hook up to your phone or an iPod/MP3 player. The buses also have CD players! Have yourselves an after party on the bus while it drives you through whatever city you'd like to drive through. Royal Oak, Downtown Detroit, Ferndale, Ann Arbor, any where you can name and want to go Metro Detroit Party Bus will take you there!

Homecoming is one night that you are not going to want to forget! You're going to be telling your future kids and future grand kids about your high school homecoming in the future, so why not make it everything you could have ever dreamed of? Getting a party bus from Metro Detroit Party Bus is the one thing that you can control on your Homecoming evening. We all know that not everything goes as according to plan as you would like it to, your hair may not look exactly how you want it, or your makeup didn't turn out the way you wanted, or your date doesn't match you at all! Ugh! With the party bus you know exactly what you're getting ahead of time, no disappointments! You pick your destinations, music, movie, everything! There is no cooler way to arrive at your Homecoming in anything other than a party bus from Metro Detroit Party Bus. Bring down your fellow class mates jaws and show that you know how to arrive in style!