Detroit Proms

Anyone going to prom knows that they need to book a party bus or limo with a group of their best friends. Unfortunately for prom goers there simply isn't enough vehicles in the Metro Detroit area to fill the demand. If you're going to prom and plan on getting a party bus or limo we recommend booking as early as possible. We get flooded with last minute calls every year from students who can't find anything. We stand by our reservations so once you book your vehicle you are locked in for that vehicle and date. Our policies for transporting minors are strict and always enforced so you can feel safe knowing your kids are with us.

Each and every chauffeur at Metro Detroit Party Bus has passed background checks on both criminal records and driving records and have undergone extensive safety training. Many of our drivers are actually school bus drivers, so you know your kids are safe with them. Definitely much safer than letting them drive themselves or letting them be driven by another teenager on such a busy night! We strictly enforce our policy of absolutely no under age drinking and absolutely no drugs. We also hold the contract holder (which is you, the parent) responsible for the trip's itinerary so you are in charge of where your child goes. If you want your child taken directly to prom and brought directly home, then that's exactly what happens. The kids cannot change the trip's itinerary. If you would like any changes made, simply contact the chauffeur and let them know!

Metro Detroit Party Bus is the most luxurious and reliable way to send your kids off to prom or homecoming! Give us a call for more details on rates, our policies for minors, and to address any questions or concerns you may have!