Detroit Weddings and Receptions

If you're having a wedding and reception in the Metro Detroit area you must be well aware that transportation is an absolute necessity. For your wedding you will want luxury transportation from a reputable company. Some people go for the limousine option but if you don't want to be cramped and have room to move around or stand up a party bus is definitely your best option. It's the best way to enjoy the company of your wedding party between destinations. There are no restrictions on where you can go so you're welcome to pick people up and drop them off at different locations or stop anywhere to take pictures!

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life. So why let any detail go without being perfected? You meticulously plan every minute of this day, sparing no expense for the dress, venue, food and centerpieces, and the transportation should be no different! You deserve to have a luxury party bus from Metro Detroit Party Bus to add the perfect touch to your event! As stated above, our buses are spacious to fit your entire wedding party and your dressed, the on board bars are ideal for chilling champaign any type of drink you want to toast, and with the unlimited stops and mileage included in your rental you can individually pick up and drop off each member of your party. But it goes beyond that!

In addition to have enough room for everyone, you'll enjoy comfortable seating and complete privacy with our dark tinted windows. The superior sound systems are great for playing your favorite songs or even watching a DVD montage of your favorite photos of you and your spouse to be! If you'd like, you can take advantage of the colorful lighting! Our buses' features make them so versatile you can set any mood you'd like! We also decorate the bus for you, with a congratulatory message of your choosing written on the outside and decorations in your wedding colors. We can provide red carpet service as well if you wish! We want to bring out all the stops for your big day so it goes off without a hitch and is as luxurious as you always dreamed it would be!